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Thursday, May 27, 2010

was just wondering if this job is draining my time dry. so soon it's now gg to be promotion time. I wanted to take down all the special moments in my life after i graduate by it seem like a lack of time and efforts on my part.

I am trying hard to get every memory down either in paper or on screen but it seem that getting a few minutes or just half an hr off to write is a little tiring... ok if anyone see this, it vv much an excuse. i will pen it down dilligently starting erm next month... and i much work out my expenditures. the peak season is drying me up financially ever since i decided nt to be niao and splurge a little just to make me happier..:X

i am been working vv hard at work, but neglecting the part on relationship maintenance. maybe i should start working bit by bit... and getting the so called balance. the few thing that definitely make me happy till date joining the firm would be: exposure, trust and belief, peers...

update in a new tone and mood soon...

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i tot maybe i should maintain this place a little..

i cant rmb this will be the no. what client I am working on.. but audit is really draining.. i mean besides that fact that u find zero motivation in waking up to do exercise.. i think the best thing for me now is to be doing up some plan for what i wanna do in the future..

i am nt really sure abt what's in it for me in this line. when u are neither up nor down in a profession, u are uncertain of whats the ultimate goals set up for you. when u see ppl leaving, closed or not, u tend to feel the sense of nobelonging since there is no more familiar faces ard.

then at home, u realised that u havent been giving in much and that slowly u are becoming a loner packing and leaving for work in less than 8 hrs of presence at home.. u will loss yrself cos what u have is only weekends for yr loved ones and some extra sleep to catch...

whats life and whats in it for u? is this even fulfilling in any way?

i really dun think so..

maybe its time for ME to do something abt it.

take a short time off wrk now and source for some extra activities to spice up my life..

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Monday, March 08, 2010

i know it alr 2 months...

but something really worth posting...


nope i didnt take half day leave, nope i dint take mc,

and yes! it's just plain knocking off early


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Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 is finally here...

wishes for the year? hmm.. dun feel like doing it up now.

may all be well.. day one was good, today nt really...

but i PROMISE the rest will be good. :)

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

the dnd night is now over...

it has been a hectic yet meaningful week..

my current job marks the start of my heathcare industry marathon and after which it will be a big company. sometimes i feel that it kinda sucks when u see so many of yr fellow peers leaving and at the same time see yr clients being freakingly irresponsible. worst of all, is when u realised that u have total no control over when u are getting the information since u are in a pile of mess...

friday was unit event - paintball and christmas dinner. paintball is extremely fun and it's really a game of strategy, mind and guts. whooping fun for the last run and its really a matter of learning how to work in a team and striving for the survival..

dinner at whatever the place is called wasnt vv heavenly... its at sembawang and some sort of a yacht club thingy. the sashimi was rather bad (cos all G2s agreed that its smoked salmon BUT the thing is it must have been smoked using cigarettes rather then the usual spices and stuff.) the wasabi tasted powdery and the only nice item would have been the soft shell crab..

i am now working on the stocktake working paper for the stock take conducted yesterday before dnd.. how sad.. it was a efficient one so in the end, we didn't manage to get to be treated with free lunch. so we went to have lunch at bugis, did a 'little' shopping for a friend.. rushed home and out again for the dnd.
good announcement was made for everyone and all the changes made to salaries and stuff are now being adjusted. wonder how much of it will affect me but nevertheless, if there is any incentives it's still better than having nothing! food was average with the first dish the best.. saw and observed many diff kind of people ard and realised that alcohol can really do WONDER. heard quite a bit from anna too.. and yup.. well well.. hmmm...

i will be celebrating my first birthday with KP. and my birthday wishes are blah blah blah...

on a side note, the things that have been done.. i am trying to sort it out.. I seriously think its a curse, a fated curse. dammit.

I will make a wish and maybe get a little birthday cake for myself. maybe.. dunno why am i so emo-ed.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

nice friends plus good talk..

i believe in god-send and fate.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

more news of people leaving..

was it because of the saying that the grass is greener on the other side? I am not vv sure abt it. but for now, i am still alright, not sure abt it when my core job starts next week. till now there is still no news or instructions for me. i dun quite like the idea of it..

just finish typing the planning doc. maybe they should jus implement things like if u dun upload new and updated versions of working paper, u will be fined 50 bucks. Haha.. cos its simply the case when we see the extra effort needed to retype and re-enter all the nitty gritty stuff. a little waste of time.

next year, we are gg to start e aud. so will it be very much more time consuming? i truly think so. maybe all of us should get a change of laptop to become tablet! then things will be easier. damn, i should have made that wish then with the meteor.

nice fellow peers ard, missed sch a little.

work is work after all.

oh ya, spent a bomb yesterday buying some clothes and accessories. work huh.. no choice leh. this is the message i keep telling myself.

sitex is coming. i wanna have some fun, anyone wanna go to the zoo, night safari, all the possible singapore attractions with me every weekends?

then i will start planning an oversea trip le. not sure with who, but i am sure i will be gg somewhere. *if time permits* and *if my pocket agrees*

off for some serious ironing!

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